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Best Outdoor Jobs For People That Enjoy Nature

‘If you do what you love you will never have to work a day in life’. This quote holds truth-value for all people searching for the best outdoor jobs. Nature has beautiful offerings for mankind. Whether it is the glorious mountain ranges that speak grandeur or the vast expanses of dense forests, there is a unique spectacle for nature lovers. 

If you have a primal curiosity that urges you to tread outdoors then you are a nature-aficionado. Career choices should always focus your passion because that makes work a breeze in the park. Here we have compiled a list of high paying outdoor jobs.

These professions give you a decent salary, along with fulfilling your longing for nature. While working, you can always save money and invest in opportunities that provide monthly income. Choosing one of these fields as a profession is set to bring you closer to the raw experience of the environment.

Scenic Architects

Average Annual Salary:$68,000
Predicted career growth:6%
Requirements:Bachelor’s Degree in Landscape Architecture and a License

When it comes to outdoor landscaping, scenic architects are the prime choice. These professionals work with private and public investors to design aesthetic parks, monuments, and public gathering avenues. They are also commissioned to layout themes or housing facilities and private infrastructural-ventures.

To carry out their jobs, scenic architects have to tread outdoors. Their job description requires surveying construction sites, studying and analyzing environmental reports and topographical conditions. They also have to give recommend landscaping materials after understanding nature’s impact.

Scenic Architects have also risen to popularity after the recent surge in environmental preservation. These professionals are hired to restructure existing governmental recreational facilities, to preserve the wastage of resources. They also aid in the restoration of natural sites that have been devastated by the advances of human consumption. 

Structural Engineers

Average annual pay:$68,574
Predicted career growth:6%
Requirements:Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering or Masters in Structural Engineering and an engineering license 

The most important aspect of construction is its outdoor setting. From surveying the topographical parameters of a construction site to managing the build of a structure, Structural engineers spend their time outdoors.

 These engineers not only run computations to vet the quality of structural design. They also have to spend the vast majority of their time at the site, to ensure the quality of work. So if you are looking for outdoor jobs that pay well, be sure to enlist Structural Engineering as a front-runner.


Average annual salary:$80,300
Predicted career growth:7%
Requirements:Bachelors degree in Geological Engineering or Geology

As their name suggests, these professionals are intimately connected with the environment. Geographers study the offerings of land. They establish a relationship between geographical parameters and social structures. For example, it is the duty of geographers to record the potential of natural resource reserves in a country.

Making an elaborate assessment of land parameters requires data-collection. This data is collected outdoors. Geographers make field observations, take photographs, build maps, and use censuses to make geographical predictions. This is a great career choice for nature-enthusiasts, and one of the best paying outdoor jobs.

Environmental Engineers

Average annual salary:$87,500
Predicted career growth:8%
Requirements:Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering

The concerns of global warming have increased owing to catastrophic climate consequences. Ranging from melting ice caps to warmer global temperatures, the threat of climate devastation looms over all of us. In this context, the significance and popularity of Environmental Engineers are soaring.  

These engineers pair knowledge from earth sciences and natural science such as biology, to develop sustainable solutions. Currently, environmental engineers are working to make efficient waste-disposal techniques and systems. These systems are used to clear landfill sites and river streams. Most of their work is carried out within the embrace of outdoors and the environment.

Some engineers also give their advisory expertise to policymakers. Their role is to devise sustainable solutions that control air and water pollution. Private capitalists such as factory owners also commission environmental engineers to reduce the externalities of production. Environmental engineers are well-versed in international regulatory standards regarding pollution and air quality. 


Average annual salary:$79,370
Predicted career growth:9%
Requirements:Master’s specialization in Hydrology

Eminent intellectuals and public policy experts predict that water would become the most sought-after resource in the near future. In this situation, the profession of Hydrology has climbed the ranks of outdoor jobs that pay well.

Hydrologists study the patterns of water movement. They also analyze the behavior of water through the Earth’s core and predict the effects of rain on river streams and groundwater. These days, Hydrologists are also front runners in resource-preservation efforts, because they understand the reason behind water shortage.

When it comes to drought-management, and collection of water in rainy seasons, Hydrologists become important advisors to development experts. As water exists within the confines and crevices of nature, these professionals spend most of their working hours outside.

Agriculture Enthusiasts

Average annual salary:$69,500
Predicted career growth:-1%
Requirements:No professional education or farming and ranching. Bachelor’s in Agricultural Technology for Agricultural managers.

What better way to enjoy nature, then to work on a growing establishment. If you love the outdoors, then working on farms as a rancher, farmer or agricultural manager will be a delight. When it comes to farms, agricultural works supervise the growth of all produce- crops, and livestock. 

Farmers and ranchers are given the duty to manage and operate family-owned land. However agricultural managers have a more corporate employment structure, and they work for huge private livestock and crop farming corporations. The best thing about this profession is the lack of professional education required to get in. So if you have a green thumb, and are looking for the best outdoor jobs, then farming gets a special mention.


Average annual salary:$105,500
Predicted career growth:10%
Requirements:Ph.D. in natural sciences for research or academia based jobs.

The outdoors are incomplete without the vastness of the skies. Astronomers are scientists that specialize in the study of celestial bodies, planets stars, and galaxies. They spend most of their time outdoors, studying the behavior of these objects through the lens of their advanced telescopes. The science of astronomy is still relatively undiscovered, as this is a highly complex field.

Astronomers are also go-to professionals for governments when it comes to deployment of satellites and their working. The trace the paths of satellites, and study whether there could be potential debris that disrupts the working of satellites. 

Identify Your Passion

Working towards your passion leaves a glorious journey to cherish for times to come. With the list of the best outdoor jobs mentioned above, you are set to make a decent living, while enjoying the offerings of nature. Nature is the gift that keeps on giving. Out there, there is a profession for everyone that can stay true to their passion. You can find your passion, outdoors!