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Churn Through Pages Like A Machine: The Best Speed Reading Books

Taking up reading as a hobby can have life-altering consequences. The joy of holding a book, assimilating the knowledge it holds can give us a boost of self-esteem. Every turned page is a new opportunity to explore a ceaseless reserve of knowledge, skills, and virtues. Establishing an efficient reading habit is a daunting task. The best speed reading books can help.

We live in a world bombarded by notifications. Whether it’s our handheld mobile device or a workstation on the table, a small chime can make us lose focus. This fact gives rise to a burning question. How to read faster, with more focus, and have a heightened retention capacity? The answer lies in the amazing phenomenon of speed reading. 

Like any other specialized skill, speed-reading requires time, patience, and practice. Having the right accessories can help us learn a skill faster and more convincingly. When it comes to speed reading, having an arsenal of the best speed reading books helps a lot. These books can augment your learning curve and teach you smart-techniques.

The best speed reading books is better than any video tutorial, course, or software out there. They target the same font and writing style that readers are exposed to when reading books. Just like a seasoned blog management service can maintain a blog better, the best speed reading books can improve reading speeds more convincingly.  

This claim appeals to our intuition as well. The best speed reading books will train you to read ‘books’ faster! Here we have compiled a list of the best speed reading books that will be your personal reading coach.

How To Be A Super Reader- Ron Cole

This book contains all the extracts of the personal quest of reading trainer: Ron Cole. During his time as reading-trainer Cole realized that people were struggling with efficiency. They couldn’t power through heaps of knowledge while assimilating the information. Retention-capacity was also limited. 

He discovered that people that are willing to learn, end up not reading books because it is time-consuming. He decided that writing a book that includes all nuances of speed reading could make people efficient-readers.

‘How To Be A Super Reader’ is a practical speed-reading guide. It contains various exercises and drills to help you slowly build the skill of speed reading. It is suitable for both native English language speakers, as well as English-second-language speakers. Readers also get a glossary of offline methods that can help them construct a personalized speed-reading strategy. 

The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Speed Reading- Abby Marks Beale

If you are wondering that the book title is a little derogatory, you are not alone. However, this book is an excellent speed-reading guide for the unsettled and slow reader. In this basic step-by-step guide, readers can learn to be in control of their reading speed. Different reading exercises thoroughly develop a fast-reading skill from the bottom up.

The author, Abby Marks Beale has also included personal reading-speed tests. Readers can practice these to keep a track of their personal scores and reading speed. The best thing about this speed reading book is its ability to train readers on versatile content. 

Beale realized that speed-reading doesn’t work in all situations as some content-heavy material requires a slow reading pace. A chapter in the book explains the art of ultra-focused reading. This addition is perfect for specialized professionals such as doctors, lawyers, and engineers.

The Comprehensive Guide To Speed Reading- Nathan Armstrong

Nathan Armstrong is a voracious reader and prolific writer. He recognized the importance of reading efficiently during an early portion of his life. The ‘comprehensive guide’ is premised on his personal experiences of building strategies and techniques. These allow people to increase their reading speed organically.

It clears many misconceptions within the world of speed-reading. For example, Armstrong forms a clear dichotomy between words per minute, and effective words per minute as most people think that speed reading is all about the number of words churned every minute. By describing effective words per minute, he is able to tell readers that speed-reading deals with retention as well.

Readers also get effective reading techniques such as skimming and scanning, that they can deploy in different scenarios to get through the crux of a book quickly, without having to read it all.

10 Days To Faster Reading- Princeton Language Institute

Princeton Language Institute carried out research that showed that the educational and professional careers of people are negatively affected if they are slow readers. This is because a successful long term career ambition requires a knowledgable foundation, which comes from speed reading. Hence, they compiled this rudimentary guide to improve reading speeds within 10 days.

The content of this book consists of various quizzes and exercises at the start to get a feel of your current speed. It then focuses on the power of peripheral vision, because if a person’s eyes move faster, they can read at a much faster pace.

Propel Your Life In Style

Reading will always remain the best hobby a person can undertake. It equips the mind with knowledge of history and brings them closer to years of experience encapsulated in a hundred-page paperback edition. If you are looking to develop wide-ranging acumen that includes the lessons of all life-subjects, then you will have to develop rapid reading speed, and with the best speed reading books mentioned above, that is more than possible.