Building an NFT platform on Ethereum

Building an NFT platform on Ethereum | Step by Step Guide 2022

Building an NFT platform on Ethereum

Years ago, people bought exorbitant paintings and abstracts from famous painters. However, this tradition is still persistent but in a different form. Paradoxically, people don’t go to art exhibitions to find a painting for themselves. On the contrary, they visit different digital platforms to buy paintings, images, audios, etc., in the form of NFTs. 

Years back, it was an ambiguous term as only a few knew about it. However, the urge to know this platform increases among people over time. As a result, NFT is growing tremendously, with billions of dollars in net worth. 

These Non-fungible tokens are evolving with time and gaining incredible popularity. Even many celebrities own NFTs, making them more rare and precious. Currently, it is not challenging to mint an NFT. Ethereum blockchain has provided convenience for the developers to create their NFTs. 

Developing an NFT on Ethereum

Ethereum is a blockchain network that has a native cryptocurrency as ETH. It is a decentralized platform that has various applications and utilities. As a result, despite providing transaction and financial services, it offers app development space. Hence, it allows social networking, gaming, transactions, and app development. 

Ethereum is the primary platform that provides a potential space for developing NFTs. It provides immense advantages to the creator and buyer. Here is some way that a person can follow to build an NFT platform

Selection of an appropriate blockchain

There are dozens of platforms offering help in developing NFTs. However, using the Ethereum blockchain, you must choose the most desirable and reliable digital platforms. You should be cautious before choosing the right platform. Many platforms have deep rabbit holes that only yield detrimental effects. 

However, Opensea is the most preferred digital platform. Its lazy minting system is quite popular among the masses. A creator must pay a different fee on other platforms, including minting, listing, or transferring. Paradoxically, a person can start building an NFT on it without initially paying any fee. As a result, when someone buys those NFTs, Opensea automatically deducts its charges. 

Build a UI

The User Interface provides an opportunity for authentic interaction with others. It is a form of human-computer interaction. Generally, it focuses on the layout, graphic design, style, and different features of an application. 

Therefore, the developer must incorporate salient features to create a favorable environment. The NFT developer should add a search bar, admin panel, dashboard, categories, etc., for effective interaction. This way, incorporating the categorizing and filters enables the user to navigate smoothly. 

Setting up a wallet

The e-wallet enables you to store cryptocurrency. Additionally, these wallets should have cross-chain compatibility. This way, you can easily buy or mint NFTs using the crypto-wallet. Further, the creator pays all the additional fees by using these crypto-wallets. If you are working with Ethereum-based applications, you will require a MetaMask wallet. 

It can also work on Chrome or Firefox extensions. Even Android or IOS users can have its application on their smartphones. This way, you can connect it with the Ethereum platform by downloading its extension or app. For connecting, tap “Create a new wallet.” After fulfilling all the details, it will give a “seed phrase.” Every MetaMask wallet owner should keep it as it’s a key to their wallet. 

Connecting the wallet

After creating the wallet, you need to connect it with the NFT marketplace. To make a secure connection, click the “Create Button” in the top left corner. Afterward, a compatible wallet list will appear. You have to choose the right category to initiate the connection process. 

The MetaMask’s wallet only requires a few steps to accomplish this procedure. However, if you find an unexpected invitation to connect your account, be careful as it can be a scam. 

Create an NFT

After setting up and connecting the wallet, you can access the creating page. You can also jump to that page by clicking the “Create button.” You can find this page in the upper right-hand corner. 

On the Ethereum platform, click your profile picture, which is present on the right side. Then click “My Collections,” which will take you to “Create a Collection.” You can even rename or unnamed your collection. This way, you dont have to specify your collection until it is ready for selling.

After tapping on the create button, you can start adding new items. Moreover, you can upload your files as NFTs. Further, you can name the file and add different links. You can also elaborate the NFT by adding metadata. This metadata indicates various stats, figures, properties, and other salient details. 

For instance, you can add different specifications if you sell NFT related to a video game. It may include manufacturing years, gadgets, and other significant characteristics. 

Listing an NFT

Minting an NFT requires a gas consumption fee as it involves surplus energy consumption. However, the amount varies depending on the international market’s current gas price. Moreover, Opensea users have the opportunity to pay this amount after selling their NFT in the market. 

Additionally, you have the option to choose single edition NFT or multiple-edition NFT. After choosing the desired category, you are ready to introduce the art in the marketplace. You are provided with three options in choosing the selling pathway. These options are Fixed price, Open for bids and Time auction. 

Moreover, you have to choose the royalty percentage that every creator gets. After listing your NFT, you will have to wait until you get a reasonable offer. Hence, you can buy and sell NFTs with maximum profits through this digital platform. 


Trading an NFT has become a common thing nowadays. It has become the most profitable trading by selling artworks. As a result, people are deliberately using it to gain maximum profit. Many platforms are offering a person to develop an NFT. However, among them, Ethereum is the most reliable and convenient platform. 

However, one must choose a pathway that reduces energy consumption. Additionally, a developer can choose proof-of-stake technology to reduce surplus energy consumption. This way, a person can easily mint an NFT of high quality by using this platform. 

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