How does an NFT gain value

How does an NFT gain value?

People live in a digital world where the monarchy of technology rules everyone. Significantly, people have adapted themselves to this evolving world. They have shifted their mode of education to e-learning. Moreover, instead of going to the library, they seek online guidance. Similarly, instead of buying any real estate properties, they are buying digital assets. 

Precisely, many digital platforms give an insight into the virtual world. The place where people buy virtual assets, primarily using digital coins, is regarded as Cryptocurrency. Among them, the most popular digital asset is NFT. Currently, people are obsessed with this new technology. They are buying and selling these art crafts for millions of dollars. 

What is NFT?

NFT is a form of digital art in painting, music, video, etc. Artists make these exotic art forms and make profits. Moreover, they also get royalties on every trade. Investors are buying these artworks for millions of worth. These non-fungible tokens have managed to grab people’s attention. Additionally, it has become one of the fastest-growing businesses, gaining value daily.  

Ways to scale-up NFTs’ value

How does an NFT gain value? Various factors contribute to building up an NFT value. Each NFT gains value with time. When bored ape NFT emerged, people were unwilling to buy it even for one Ethereum. Currently, that NFT costs 73.5 Ethereum. 

Increase demand

Whenever an NFT’s demand spikes, its worth increases in the market; hence, by tracking its demand, one can evaluate its value. These non-fungible tokens show fluctuation in their value. Their worth relies on market trends and preferences. Therefore, when an NFT’s market demand increases, its value automatically elevates. 

Utility and practicality

When you buy an asset or any helpful object, you think about its practicality. Similarly, an investor evaluates an NFT utility before aiming to buy. Hence, the buyer considers its applications, such as a gaming asset. NFT buyer makes collaboration to enhance their utility. 

NFT’s ownership history

Another crucial aspect of increasing NFT’s value is its ownership history. This principle applies when a person tends to buy a real asset. An NFT is more prevalent when owned by a celebrity or famous person such as Shawn Mendes. Hence, investors seek those popular NFTs due to their owners. 

In the fluctuating market of non-fungible tokens, people determine ownership history. That brief or extensive history gives insight into NFT’s worth and future value. Hence, people make a profit by selling those NFTs owned by influentials. 


It is another factor that enhances NFT value. Liquidity tells how smoothly an NFT is traded from seller to buyer. In the secondary market, people can trade NFT with anyone who holds ETH. This practice significantly increases the number of buyers. Hence, high liquidity means a smooth transfer of NFT, significantly enhances NFT’s worth. 

If an NFT has lower utility, it can still pertain to a high value if it has high liquidity. This way, people prefer NFTs created on-chain as they have high liquidity. 

Rare and desirable

Another distinct factor is rarity and desirability. A rare artwork has more worth than an ordinary one. People are willing to invest millions of dollars in unique art. This way, an NFT gains value if it is unique in its design and application. It is a conviction that artwork belonging to a deceased artist has more value and worth. Hence, an investor always looks for a rare and unique NFT to gain more profit. 


NFT has gained acknowledgment in the past few years. Many factors play their part in uplifting the business. However, some salient features immensely contribute to making an NFT worthwhile. This way, an investor considers these parameters to buy a profitable and desirable NFT.  

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